Short Stories, 214 pages | ISBN: 978-3-941524-79-8 | 16,90€ | PalmArtPress

Everything is all right "at the dreams fair." When you look for the small town of your childhood and resume your life where "you left it lying". Taking a walk through the place awakens memories of the insane Marie, the asthmatic grandmother, the boy who watched the town from atop a tree, of Luisa, who believes she needs to justify her life - a web of stories and perspectives. Then the narrator leaves this calming province and invents an author. The "micro novel" Handbuch der Fragen is his creation, and Filutek his big city hero. 

Carmen-Francesca Banciu's epic novel, characterized by an excentrically poetic mood in which narration and reflection pervade and "disturb", is a unique example of literature where reality turns into a dream and dreams turn into reality.