From Carmen Francesca Banciu’s:

A Land Full of Heroes ( Novel Excerpt)  Original title "Ein Land voller Helden"

Ullstein Publishing House, Berlin 2000 

Translated from the German by Elena Mancini 

In that crazy month no one thought of revolution. 
There was something in the air. 
Now and then sparks flew that ignited us to 
outbursts of fury and boisterous cheerfulness. 
After years of torpor, one celebration chased the other 
in that month. We danced as though possessed. 
Les années folles had made its way to Bucharest, 
compressed, admittedly, in the time span of a tumultuous month. 
Of a bewildering, explosive month. 
The authorities sniffed around everywhere. 
The Securitate perked its ears. A tidal wave. 
It spread over everything. A landslide devoured the wall. 
In Berlin. And with the wall a world. 
We persisted, nevertheless, in unknowing expectation. 
Body and mind – a drawn bow, whose shot would give rise to history. 
We were ready. We summoned the final remains of energy. 
Spurred it to action. The dams broke. Even fear could no longer hold us back.